"Let's get outta here!"

Follow the adventures of two young girls as they explore a mysterious haunted mansion in HALF-BAKED GIRLS, a 3D indie role-playing game.


Renee, a teenage runaway, finds herself trapped in an otherworldly mansion haunted by poltergeists and evil spirits.

Inside, she encounters Mitka, another trapped girl, and together they search for clues that will lead to their escape. 

They won’t get out without a fight though, and the key to freedom lies in the mystery buried in this mansion’s past, guarded by apparitions. Will they uncover the long-forgotten truth of ages past and make their escape?


Command-Based 3D RPG

The mansion is teeming with evil spirits, so watch out!

Coming into contact with an enemy on the field plunges you into battle.

Each turn-based battle you win helps the girls gain experience and level up, paving the way for further adventures.

Efficient Auto Mode, Precise Manual Mode

You can switch between auto and manual mode during battle for each character at any time.

Use auto mode to efficiently fend off weak enemies, and use manual mode to carefully plan your strategy when facing more powerful foes.

One Novel Worth of a Story

The story is about as long as a short novel and features a wide range of characters, both friend and foe. 

As you progress, you’ll unlock cutscenes at key points in the story’s development.

Will the girls be successful in their search for the truth and their own escape? Their fate rests in your hands…

Intriguing Subquests

The mansion houses not only evil spirits, but friendly ones as well. If you find a ghost who seems troubled by something, you can talk to them and learn about their individual stories.

Ability Enhancing Tarot Cards

The two main characters, Renee and Mitka, are just ordinary girls with no spiritual powers to defend themselves from evil spirits. 

Despite this setback, they’re able to collect tarot cards hidden in the mansion and use them to perform magic in battle. 

Hone their magic skills by strategically equipping cards and customizing their strengths to overcome the evil spirits. 


Renee Noel

Renee is sixteen years old and dreams of becoming a rock star.

She rebelled against her parents and ran away from home, but got lost in a forest and wandered aimlessly until she arrived at an eerie old mansion.

Mitka Foret

Mitka lived with her parents in the mansion… until they disappeared one day without a trace.

The evil spirits took up residence instead, and she has been trapped in the mansion ever since.